No day is the same as another; We all live in a very special ‘now’.

I have worked in the fields of fashion and lifestyle with the desire to develop products and services that create happiness and fun, and sometimes give you courage or that push of encouragement.

We can help you create products and services that connect people and fill them with laughter and warmth.


About Baby, I love you Inc.

Soft-Edged Technology

With a focus on communication design we mix design and technology to enable connection and communication between people.

Our specialty is in fields of fashion and lifestyle.


What We Do

Our beliefs

Founded on a shared understanding of your company philosophy and what your customers expect from you, we aim to respond flexibility to fast-changing times to bring forth happiness and fun.

We combine creativity and originality with business.

E-Commerce and Brand Website Consulting

Selection of e-commerce systems and web design companies, logistics development, online shop management, and related activities.

New Business Development Planning Design

Coordination of both in-person events such as workshops, and online events.


Use of social media for broadcasting and fan acquisition.



Megumi OZAWA

Worked for an apparel company that handles domestic and global operations for multiple Japanese designer brands. Moved to a group business, and was appointed company director in 2008. Founded Baby, I love you in 2014.

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